Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is a recipe for a fruit drink made out of raw mangoes ideal and cooling for the summer.
Raw (sour) green mangoes : 2 no.s (Large ones peel and cube)
Sugar : 2 cups
Water : 1 cup
Ginger : 1/4 inch (cleaned and grated)
Pepper powder : 1 pinch
Salt : 1 pinch


Cook the cubed mangoes in 1 cup of water in thick bottomed vessel till soft and done. Add the sugar and boil till sugar dissolves well . Add pepper, salt and ginger shreds and let boil till the fluid thickens slightly. Remove from stove and cool. Put in a blender to blend. Store in the fridge and use like squash by adding cold water and ice before serving. If you do not like ginger you can do without it.

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