Friday, February 05, 2010

Apple Ginger Jam

Apples : 1 kg
Sugar : 1 kg
Ginger : 50 gms
Limes : 2
Citric acid : 1 tsp
A few drops of color if desired


Core apples and cut into small cubes, scrape and clean ginger and chop fine.Pressure cook these with a little water for 8 mins. ( You can also cook these in Microwave)
Extract puree by passing through a fine strainer or mesh.You can also use a crusher and then strain to extract the puree.

Add sugar, citric acid and lime juice to the puree in a thick vessel and boil rapidly ,stir with a wooden spoon and remove scum from the top of the mixture. When the setting point is reached remove from fire, add colour and KMS ( optional).Bottle while still hot in a clean dry glass jar. Don't forget to keep the bottle on a wooden surface lest it crack when hot jam is poured.

To test if jam is done, drop a blob of jam in a bowl of cold water and if done it will remain as a shiny blob, if not it will start dissolving.

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LG said...

apple and ginger are tempting combination in jam :)