Friday, April 03, 2009

Jaggery syrup for dosas

Children are fussy about food is it not? And if you made dosas they do not like chutney or sambar with it. Probably you serve them ghee and sugar or may be jam? But here is a simple jaggery syrup ( which is better and healthier than refined sugar).


Jaggery : 500 gms.

cardamom : 3 or 4 peeled and powdered fine

Put the jaggery in a thick pan and pour a cup of water.Keep on stove and let it boil and melt. When all the jaggery is dissolved use a fine strainer or clean cloth to strain this thin syrup. In India jaggery has some impurities and small stones/ straining this way you get clean syrup. Transfer this clean syrup to a thick pan and keep boiling till it thickens and forms syrup of 1 to 2 string consistency. Add powdered cardamom and stir well.When cool this syrup should be fluid enough to come on a spoon ( like honey).If not you can add a little bit of water and keep on stove for one boil.When cool store in a air tight container and serve with iddlies and dosas to the kids.See how they will love it.


sharada said...

first time here- u have a lot of interesting recipes.
I just wanted to know the shelf life of this syrup outside?

Lilly mammamma said...

Hi Sharada,
Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the compliments.This syrup can last more than 10 days outside refrigerator in cool weather conditions and can last months in the refrigerator.Take care to use only dry spoon for serving.

sharada said...

thanks for the prompt reply & for visiting my blog & leaving such wonderful comments.
I would also wish you to include in my blog list.Hope its ok with you.