Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy Plum Jam

  1. Cherry plums: 1 kg
  2. Crystal Sugar: 1 kg
  3. Citric acid crystals: 2 pinches
  4. Essence : 3/4 to 1 tsp (Raspberry/Mixed Fruit)

Wash the cherry plums well and put in a thick bottomed pan. Keep the pan on lighted stove, add 1 tablespoon of water and cover with a lid. Cook on high fire. Be near the stove! In a short time the plums would have cooked. Remove the pan from fire.

When cooled, slowly remove the pips (seeds) and lightly mash with a spoon.
Do not put in mixie /blender etc. Add the sugar and keep on lit stove again. Keep stirring alternating from medium flame to high flame taking care not to let it get burnt. The hot mixture gets a glossy shine, check for two to three string consistency (when you dip a flat spoon in the mixture and lift it up, the pulp should fall off slowly). Or simply drop a small lump of the sugar plum pulp in a bowl and put a few teaspoons of cold water on it. The jam should not dissolve, then it is done.
Remove from fire, add citric acid crystals and essence and mix well.

Fill in clean, sterilized glass bottles.


Suparna said...

Hello ammama,

I love home made jams and preserves..but haven't tried making it myself. I'll give it a try making it with little quantity. Ammama what is the shelf life of this jam? should it be refrigerated?

Take care,

Bye :)

Lilly mammamma said...

It is better to refrigerate it if you are not regularly using jam for
breakfast etc. I used to add a pinch of KMS but stopped it to avoid
preservatives as I was already adding citric acid.This jam gets done
very fast and no hassles! The formula is whatever is the weight of
whole plums, take sugar of same weight. ( 1kg:1kg )
Happy jamming!