Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chow Chow Curry

Beans 1/2 kg
Caauliflower 1 large
Potatoes 4-5
Carrots 3-4
Red chillies 3
Coconut 1 small
Cinnamon 2-3
Cloves 2-3
Tamarind size of a marble
Pepper Corns 4-5
COriander 1 tsp seeds
Curry Leaves 10-12
Onions 2

Grate the coconut and fry it to a brown colour.Fry the chillies cinammon, cloves pepper and coriander seeds and curry leaves in a teaspoon of oil.Grind them to a smooth paste with coconut and tamarind.Cut up the vegetables and cook them in salted water. Slice and fry the onions to a golden brown colour.Mix the masala paste witht he vegetables and fried onions. Cook till the curry is quite thick. Serve hot with Chappatthis or puris.

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