Thursday, October 25, 2018

Amla Gojju


Alice and Grandson!

My late mother was very fond of amla and always used to tell us its health benefits. She used to advice us to have one amla every day to keep the colds away!

Here's a tangy gojju which can serve as chutney for iddli-dosas or just as a side-dish on your lunch or dinner plate. What's more it can be added to the butter milk too to make a tasty drink in summer! Once tasted, it is addictive for sure!!!

This recipe is given to me by my grandson's nanny Alice, who also happened to be my son's nanny when he was a kid!!

 Here's the receipe:


Amla               :   3 to 4 ( deseed and keep)
Green chillies  :   5 to 6 (as per taste, but little more than you usually add for chutney)
Peeled garlic pods
1/2" piece of raw ginger

coriander leaves: 2 Tbs cleaned, chopped fresh
Salt                    : to taste

In a mixie grind amla, garlic/ginger and green chillies with salt to a coarse paste. Now add chopped coriander leaves and grind for 3 seconds. The leaves should not become very pasty with over grinding.

Collect and keep in a bowl. You can now use this gojju as chutney or as a side dish for lunch/dinner. Finish in a day or preserve in fridge.

To avoid discoloration while preserving a little sweet curd or lime juice can be added. But as days go buy the sourness will increase, so better to prepare for one/two days of consumption only.

Now come the variations:

1. You can add 2 tbs coconut scrapings while grinding and make a chutney. Season with mustard, urad dal and curry leaves. Use for dosa, chapati or with rice. You can skip seasoning, that's also very nice and yummy!

2. The paste in para1 can be made very smooth and added to butter milk to make a tasty cool drink in summer.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The final farewell

My beloved mother who has been a great strength to me all through the years passed away on 7th January at the ripe old age of 94. She was active all through the years till 31st December, and in the last one week also she did not suffer, the end was peaceful. May her soul rest in peace. I am yet to meet anyone with her positivity and courage. I am proud to be her daughter.

I will continue to add her recipes here, a small way to pay tribute to my mother.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moong dal Halwa

My friend Pushpa Sriram is an awesome cook and makes delicious sweets and she shared this with me, one of her mother's recipe, a halwa made with moong dal which is very nutritous:

Ingredients :  1 Cup Moongdal ; 
                       1 cup sugar; 
                       1 cup ghee; 
                       1/2 cup milk; cardamom  powdered for taste; a pinch of clove powder; 
                       a pinch of nutmeg powder;

                       saffron few strands. 
                       Khova - optional

Garnishing:  slivered almonds, pistas, roasted cashew and raisins.

Soak moong dal for 4 hours. Soak saffron in a little warm milk. Drain water from
soaked moongdal and wash it well.  It has to be washed well many times so that
the raw smell goes away. Grind the soaked moongdal coarsly without adding
water. Heat 1/2 cup of ghee in nonstick pan or heavy bottomed dekchi, add the
ground moong dal, and roast on low heat.  Be careful not to allow to form lumps.
If required add a little milk to make it easier. The moong dal has to be roasted on
low heat. It takes time and patience, keep adding ghee slowly little by little and
as the ghee starts separating, add the sugar and a little more milk and cook well
to halva consistency and add khova (2-3 spoons) .  
Add cardomom powder, clove powder, nutmeg powder and soaked saffron and mix well. 
When cooked well to golden colour remove from flame. Garnish with almonds, pistas, 
cashew and raisins. 
This can be stored in fridge and when heating for serving add little milk and heat, so it 
does not dry out. If required sugar can be increased to suit your taste.