Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Greengram and Methi Sprouts curry

  1. 11/4 cup green gram (whole moong) soak and sprout
  2. 1/2 cup of methi seeds (fenugreek) soak and sprout.
  3. 3/4 of Fresh coconut scraped fine.
  4. Green chillies : 5 or 6 (or as per taste)
  5. Jeera(cumin) seeds : 1 Tbsps
  6. Refined Oil : 1 Tbsps
Mustard and Curry leaves(Karbeva) for seasoning.

Method :
In a Pressure cooker, cook the sprouts till one whistle.Don't over cook.
Grind to a course paste the coconut scrapings, green chillies and jeera in a mixie.
Mix this with the cooked sprouts, add some water and salt , mix well and bring to boil on a stove on sim fire. Now season with oil, mustard seeds and karbev. Use as a side dish with South Indian meals or can be had with chappathis. This is a nutritious side dish.


LG said...

very nutritious dish mammamma. My only concern is about 1/2 cup sprouted methi..doesn't it make the dish bitter? sorry I have no idea about methi sprouts

Lilly mammamma said...

Since it is sprouted, it doesn't taste bitter.A tinge of bitterness will be there, but on the whole the taste is "bombaat"!!

Priya said...

Even I was about the methi, never tried them sprouted. Thank you for the recipe :)

suparna said...

LOL...I just love your spirit ammamma! actually I too had the same question to ask....I've got my answer.
If possible pls would you post the recipe for amshe tikshe sandan, bhajji amshi. Thanks

Anandi said...

Dear Mammamma.....this recipe took me back to my childhood days when my paatti used to cook methi sprouts once a week....:) I really miss her